10 Myths about DV American lottery you didn’t know about

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A small number of immigrant visas are given out through a programme called the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery, often known as the Green Card Lottery, to people from nations with low rates of immigration to the United States.

It’s critical to dispel the many myths and misunderstandings that surround the DV Lottery.

Here are a few widespread myths:

To play in the DV Lottery, you must pay:

register here

Some con artists assert that there is a cost to playing the DV Lottery. That is untrue. There is no entry fee for the DV Lottery from the American government. The official website should be used to submit the free application.

Green Card is a guarantee if you win the DV lottery:

Green card

Although winning the DV Lottery is an important step, a green card is not a given. The eligibility requirements, tough application process, and security and medical checks still need to be met by winners.

Only highly educated people can win:

Large group of happy college students celebrating their graduation day outdoors while throwing their caps up in the air.

The DV Lottery is intended to be accessible to participants with a variety of backgrounds and educational levels. There are no rigorous educational prerequisites to join, though education and work experience can affect eligibility.

DV Lottery is rigged for some people


Some people think that the DV Lottery has been altered or is rigged. In actuality, a computer programme is used by the US government to choose the winners at random.

Separate or unique Lottery only for the rich:


There is no exclusive DV Lottery for the wealthy. The program’s aim is to encourage diversity in immigration, therefore winners are chosen at random from among the participating nations.

If you win the DV Lottery, you can immigrate right away:


Even if you win the DV Lottery, you are not automatically eligible to move to the US. There is a certain procedure to follow, which may take some time and involves getting a visa and going through consular processing.

Anytime is a good time to enter the DV Lottery:

Diversity Visa

Only certain entry times, usually in the autumn of every year, are open to the public for the DV Lottery. Applications submitted outside of this window will not be taken into consideration; you must submit your application inside the specified time period.

If you apply more than once, your chances are increased:

Multiple application

Your chances of winning the DV Lottery will not be increased by submitting additional entries. In fact, submitting more than one entry from the same person will disqualify them.

Financial support are provided to winners:

Finiancial support

Winners of the DV Lottery are not given cash assistance. Once you have a visa, you are in charge of paying your own living expenses and adjusting to life in the US.

DV Lottery guarantees winners citizenship :

American passport

Although winning the DV Lottery can help you get a green card, it won’t give you citizenship right away. To become a citizen of the United States, you must fulfil residency and other requirements.

In summary, when thinking about the Diversity Visa Lottery, it’s important to rely on reliable sources of information. The programme is run by the U.S. Department of State, and details regarding the DV Lottery may be found on their official website. Be wary of con artists and phoney websites that demand payment in exchange for aid.


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