Aaron Adatsi allegedly breaks up his baby mama Eyram

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Reports we are picking up has it that Aaron Adatsi, who portrayed Cyril in the movie YOLO, has broken up with his baby mom, Eyram.

An informant said in a crazy gist that Aaron and Eyram were involved in adulterous affairs during their time together.

The insider continued by claiming that Cyril was obsessed with getting pregnant but had no intention of marrying Eyram.

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Then, because they didn’t want their daughter to have an unwed child, Eyram’s family made Cyril marry their daughter.

Having affairs with other women since he never truly loved Eyram, Cyril was obliged to settle down with Eyram even though he wasn’t ready to do so.

Additionally, it has been reported that Cyril has moved out of his marital residence and is currently residing in Kasoa with his family.

Watch the video below:

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