Abena Korkor is not bipolar – Eagle Prophet

Abena Korkor and Eagle Prophet
Abena Korkor

Abena Korkor is not considered a bipolar patient by Eagle Prophet.

The mental health advocate has revealed on multiple occasions that she suffers from bipolar disorder.

She has been disclosing the names of men who have purportedly slept with her for years.

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Speaking during an interview he mentioned that Abena Korkor is not a person with bipolar as some people have claimed or she herself has mentioned several times.

He revealed that Abena Korkor is rather been haunted by some evil spirits and that spirit need to be cast out for her to be free.

According to him, the bad spirit was planted in her when she was young, and the condition became worse after she received a gift at school.

Eagle Prophet expressed her willingness to assist Abena Korkor by enlisting the support of other men of God before she harms herself.

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Watch the interview below:

So basically, men of God have to come together and make sure the devil in Abena Korkor is sent packing.

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