I’ll never advise any young person to have a wedding – Prophet Kumchacha

I'll never advise any young person to have a wedding - Prophet Kumchacha
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Prophet Kumchacha, the founder and head of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, has warned young people not to perform weddings if they wish to be married.

He claims that the majority of young men who go on to be married are not able to live long, which causes their wives to inherit their estates.

According to the creator of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, modern women are more interested in marriage because of the property they would inherit in the event of a divorce or the man’s death.

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“I consider wedding or court marriage as foolishness. If you take ten men who have done weddings, seven of them die early. I would never do a wedding, why should I do it? Only four out of six men who do weddings are wise, the rest are fools. I am saying this because women of these days are very wise,” he told show host, Fiifi Pratt in an interview with Kingdom FM.

He continued by outlining his reasons for believing that young men should adhere to conventional marriage and forgo getting married in order to protect their property in the event of a divorce from their spouses.

“They [women] marry well-known guys and then demand the wedding, after all. Later on, when they started acting inappropriately, the court would order you to give the lady half of your assets if you wanted a divorce. I know of a woman who got married to four wealthy men, then got divorced because she wanted their assets.

“As marriage is a decision, I would suggest that you go with the customary route and forego going to court because, should the marriage fail, you would still be the owner of your assets. Therefore, the Prophet Kumchacha chastised young men who want to be married at age 25 because the majority of them pass away too soon.

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