Afia Schwarzenegger stretch mark thighs hits social media

Ivy Jacinta
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It’s no more a secret that controversial presenter Afia Schwarzenegger is out in Greece chilling in Santorini. 

The self-acclaimed Queen of comedy has been out of the country for sometime now and has been updating her followers on her activities outside the shores of the country.

She posted a video yesterday in which she was criticized for referring to a white man who helped her carry her bags as her servant.

Following the video, the divisive Afia Schwar begged her admirers and onlookers to gather additional information since she was ready to shatter the internet!

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Afia quickly invaded the beach and began releasing bikini images. She has uploaded multiple photos of herself wearing Fendi bikinis.

Unfortunately, her foes have arrived! One of Afia’s photographs is making the rounds on the internet, exposing her horrible thighs!

The image depicts a stretch mark and discoloration-ridden area between Afia’s thighs.

Even though Afia worked hard to conceal the location, her detractors would stop at nothing to expose it!

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See the photo below:

Afia Schwarzenegger thigh
Afia Schwarzenegger thigh


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