Allow us to enjoy our rich man meat – Prophet Kumchaha tells Sonnie Badu


Prophet Kumchacha, a Ghanaian preacher, has criticized Sonnie Badu for his remarks about Christians eating pork.

Eating pork makes one more susceptible to demonic possession, according to Sonnie Badu.

He claimed that since God forbade eating pork in the Bible, Christians must abstain from doing so.

Christians who enjoy pork in Ghana responded strongly to his remarks, but Badu stuck to his guns.

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Prophet Kumchacha attacked the UK-based artist and preacher in a recent video.

He claims that because Sonnie Badu has tattoos all over his body, he lacks the authority to speak out against pork.

The same Leviticus that forbids tattoos, according to Kumchacha, also forbids pork, but Bau shrewdly chose to just criticize meat!

He claimed that since pig is the meat of the wealthy, he will continue to consume it.

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