Asantewaa drops audio conversation between herself and Eyram


The ongoing conflict between Asantewaa, a TikTok star, and Eyram, a social media influencer who also happens to be the mother of actor Aaron Adatsi’s child, seems to have no end in sight.

Following the TikTok award-winning star’s exposé of Eyram on her Instagram page on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, for allegedly stealing money from her during their recent trip to Nigeria for items purchased and paid for by some of her Nigerian friends, a new video has surfaced online that is causing quite a stir.

Asantewaa is heard calling Eyram stupid in the tape that was leaked and posted to social media.

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Asantewaa revealed the Eyram called personal assistant to voice her disgust about the way she was threatening to expose her for allegedly defrauding her of the sum of Ghc300,000.

The Tiktoker claimed she was baffled as to why Eyram would act as if she did not have her number on her phone to call personally so they could talk.

Asantewaa said that it was really dumb of Eyram to act in this way when she knew that what she had done to her was wrong.

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Listen to the audio below…

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