Asantewaa drops list of all men who have chopped Ama official

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Finally, Tiktok star Asantewaa has spoken out in response to accusations that she leaked Ama Official’s private video after having an atopa encounter with her brother.

Because they have supporting proof, Asantewaa has dared those urging Ama Official to take them on to do so.

Asantewaa claims that Ama Official enticed numerous individuals with sexual promises and engaged in atopa with many of them.

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She continued by listing the names of many who have fallen prey to Ama Official’s seductive methods.

For obvious reasons, Asantewaa also acknowledged sharing a video of Ama Official to her snap.

Asantewaa, Asantewaa’s brother, and Tiktoker Ama Official have all been trending over the previous week.

Ama Official charged that Keyverli, Asantewaa’s brother, had abused her sexually.

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Invoking curses on Asantewaa, she also claimed that she had shared her private photos online.

Asantewaa responds to the story by asserting that Ama Official is pursuing popularity and willfully provides sex to anyone she believes can benefit her.

Watch the video below:

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