Asantewaa flies to Dubai to do dirty stuffs – Anonymous sender reveals


Asantewaa a popular Tiktok star in Ghana seems to have entered the new year with lots of enemies behind her back. 

Latter part of last year, she engaged in a social media banter with Eyram who is the baby mama of Aaron Adatsi over money issues.

The year just started and Eyram has shared a post on social media which tries to reveal the dirty secrets of her once close friend Asantewaa.

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in the message the sender revealed that people shouldn’t be deceived that Asantewaa makes her money from TikTok because that is not the case.

According to the sender, she(sender) is based in Dubai and can boldly say that Asantewaa engages in some dirty acts when she comes to Dubai for holidays.

It continued that she does the same thing when she also goes to Nigeria for holidays.

The sender suggested that people should find out from ladies the kind of job they come to Dubai to do when they lie to people they are coming for vacation in Dubai.

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According to Eyram, she isn’t the one saying all these things but rather someone sent it to her in her DM and she also choose to share it for the world to see.

See the post below:

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