Ayisha Modi takes cash for scammers – Mona Gucci

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Television personality Mona Gucci has called out Ayisha Modi on social media alleging that she take cash on behalf of fraud boys or scammers in the United States.

According to Mona Gucci, the entertainment enthusiast has been using her recognition in Ghana and on social media to receive cash from whites who have been scammed by the fraud boys in the country.

She in a live TikTok video claimed that she was nearly caught by the authorities and this led to the closing of her accounts she uses in receiving the cash.

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She continued by claiming that Ayisha after her account was blocked by the authorities went ahead to still take the cash for the scammers using the account of another person she named as Ginger.

Mona in the video warned Ayisha Modi to stay clear of any case involving her if she values her peace because she wouldn’t take it easy on her.

She threatened to report her illegal deals to the FBI if she ever talks about her and she would ensure she is prosecuted and jailed because she is a criminal.

Watch the video below:

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