Benedicta Gafah makes history for organizing a wedding without a groom


Kumawood actress Benedicta Gafah yesterday tied the knot with her better half who us yet to be known to the public. 

The news went viral on social media after Instagram blogger Dagaati girl shared videos of the actress getting ready for the traditional ceremony.

In the video available on social media, the actress was seen dressed in a beautiful bridal gown dancing to traditional drums being played in the background.

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According to a source, the traditional marriage came off without the presence of her husband.

The source mentioned that the reason why the groom wasn’t seen at the venue is unknown but its just a normal practice for people to get married without the presence of the groom who might be out of the country.

Well, as it stands now the actress is said to be the newest married woman in town but some netizens are saying its just a photoshoot.

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