Hajia4real under attack after posting motivational message on her timeline

Hajia4real FI
Hajia4real FI

Hajia4real, a socialite from Ghana, is being harassed for trying to give her fans advice.

Hajia4real stated on social media that people have to “look for the magic in every moment.”

The socialite uploaded a picture of herself covered in sauce to go with it.

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Despite the fact that Hajia4real only intended to share a nugget with her fans, some individuals found it disrespectful.

They assert that Haji4real is not morally qualified to offer advice to users of the gram.

They continued by calling her a “big-time robber,” and some compared her to Hushpuppi, a Nigerian international con artist who has been sentenced to 11 years in prison in the U.S.

This follows the recent arrest of Hajia4real in the UK.

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After an awards ceremony in the UK, the Ghanaian musician was taken into custody.

She was allegedly caught in a $8 million fraud case, and it was a joint effort between the UK and the US because Hajia4real was on the US Red List, according to sources.

She was detained in the UK for nearly a week before being allowed to leave for Ghana, but specifics of the case remain unknown.

The musician took advantage of the occasion to release the song “Appreciate.”

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After her UK saga, people are highly interested in things like her posts and remarks, even though the song isn’t garnering much attention in the media.

Check out the post below;


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