Black Sherif didn’t attend my daughter’s funeral – Clementina’s father reveals

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Black Sherif, is in hot water after recording the tribute song “Oh Paradise” for Clementina, his high school sweetheart.

Clementina’s father has lashed out on social media and accused Black Sherif of being responsible for her death.

Clementina’s father asserts that he is unfamiliar with Black Sherif and does not recognize him as his in-law.

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He revealed that Blacko was unable to go and identify himself to the girl’s family as her boyfriend as well as attend the girl’s funeral.

The offended man continued by complaining that Black Sherif did not provide any financial support for the funeral.

He further asserted that Black Sherif had knowledge of his daughter’s passing.

The angry father expressed his displeasure that Blacko had written a song about her without telling them, bringing back the painful memories of her daughter coming out five years later.

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This follows the recently released album “The Villian I Never Was” by Black Sherif.

About 14 tracks make up Black Sherif’s album, including a particular ode to Clementina, his high school sweetheart who passed away in 2017 at the age of 17.

Since its debut, Sherif’s album has dominated all streaming services and has been trending. He seemed to have some mess to clean up though!

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