Bridget Otoo requests for $1 Million out of the $225 million offered Ronaldo to play for Al Nassr

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One million dollars ($1,000,000) of the $225 million offered to Cristiano Ronaldo to play for Al Nassr after the World Cup has been sought by broadcast journalist Bridget Otoo.

International footballer Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly received a $225 million offer to play for Al Nassr, a Saudi Arabian club.

In response to the news, Bridget expressed on Twitter her belief that even a million of that sum could drastically alter her life.

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She summoned the guts to ask for the money in order to express her thoughts. In response to her tweet, her followers all want a piece.

With $1 million, Bridget Otoo is likely considering growing her cement company and quitting journalism to focus on her business.

See her post below:

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