Brother Sammy finally settles differences with his wife

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Brother Sammy, real name Samuel Opoku, a gospel artist, has abruptly reversed his commitment to cease having sexual relations with his wife, less than a fortnight after making the promise.

On Accra-based UTV, the controversial Gospel musician revealed that he can no longer sleep with his wife because she believes he is an occultist.

He said his wife had an ectopic pregnancy and blamed it on his witchcraft.

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She reportedly accused him of cheating after a youngster he had previously fed told her that the Gospel singer had brought a woman to their home.

“When my wife came to Ghana, she became pregnant. However, she had an ectopic pregnancy, and the doctor advised that the baby be removed in order to save her life.

I talked it over with her, and she agreed because it was the greatest option for her. I went home with my kid after leaving my wife at the hospital with two of the lads I live with.

One of the people I left with my wife told her I was an occultist and that when I got out of the hospital, I went to sleep with another woman in our house.

My wife had kept all of this from me while she was in Ghana, and only told me after she returned. I’ve chosen not to sleep with her again because I feel betrayed. “I don’t want her to say I’m going to use her for juju after another ectopic pregnancy,” he remarked on United Showbiz.

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Broda Sammy, however, has reversed his position in an interview with Kofi TV, in which the problem was brought to a conclusion.

“I was joking around. “I’m going to eat her, and I’m going to eat her again and again,” he said.


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