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Maybe in the coming weeks or months, female singer Mzvee might stop mounting stages to perform after revealing that she is having a problem with her eyes.

According to the former Lynx Entertainment signee, she has been having an eye condition for some time now and due to that she finds it difficult to see her crowd when performing on stages.

She also revealed that she started wearing spectacles since age eight.

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Mzvee revealed when asked about her eye problem that she struggles to see clearly while playing on stage and frequently needs to strain her eyes to catch a sight of her audience.

“I don’t see when I am performing unless I take a really good look and stare, but not really,” she said.

Mzvee’s condition is concerning, but she admitted that it has helped her in a way because when she performs on stage and is unable to see the audience owing to her partial blindness, it helps her to relax and play without any tension.

“I don’t see when I am performing unless I take a really good look and stare, but not really. It helped me when I started music and I was very nervous about the crowd because, when I got on stage, I will not see anybody,” she added.

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Mzvee noted that due to that problem she has encountered a lot embarrassing moment.

“I have tripped a few times when climbing the staircases,” she revealed.

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