Captain Smart attacks big men sleeping with young ladies seeking favour


Award-winning media personality Captain Smart has waded into the story of the week involving NSS personnel Deborah Eyram Adablah and Ernest Kwesi Nimako who is the Chief Finance Officer of First Atlantic Bank

Deborah has sued her former boss Ernest Nimako for failing to fulfil promises made to her leading to their relationship which has now turned sour.

After the news found its way unto social media, a lot of people have shared their thought on the story both positive and negative.

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Well, Captain Smart who is known of address various issues in the country has spoken about the incident and has described all men who do same thing as beasts.

According to him, this seems to be the new norm in town as men now want to sleep with ladies first before giving them jobs or favours even when the know the person is over qualified.

Watch the video below:

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