Checkout Diana Asamoah’s reaction to Efia Odo’s new song

Some few days ago, the Ghanaian model and video vixen, Efia Odo released her new song dubbed,”Getting the bag.”

On an interview, Evangelist Diana Asamoah was asked of her thoughts on the model’s new song and she made an unexpected statement that has gone viral on social media.

Diana Asamoah said she did not hear a word of the song after giving Efia Odo a severe look as she was singing in the UTV studios.

The model was invited to sing her recently released song in a freestyle earlier at the “UTV Day with the Stars” event on January 1, 2023, and the way she did so appeared to enrage Evangelist Diana Asamoah.

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As she was seen glaring at Efia Odo and rolling her eyes on video, the gospel singer was unable to conceal her feelings.

“I don’t comprehend anything she said in the song. Why then would I voice my opinions about it? These are concepts that elude me. When asked to evaluate the song, Diana Asamoah commented, “As for the beat, it’s like Shatta Wale’s.

Efia Odo

When asked if she had any words of advice for model, the singer of “Anopa wim” retorted, “She has her own grace.

She is singing while using hers. According to the Bible, it’s our good deeds that bring us before kings.

At the UTV Day with the Stars, a panel included Diana Asamoah, Akrobeto, Big Akwes, Efia Odo, and Bedid3 discussed the newspaper part.

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