Your colleagues have taken you to juju – Prophetess tells Sarkodie

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According to a Ghanaian prophetess located in the US, Sarkodie‘s present struggles with Yvonne Nelson aren’t typical, and more trouble is on the road for him.

The prophetess alleges that some resentful Ghanaian musicians have turned Sarkodie to juju in order to ensure his demise, and that this is manifesting itself through Yvonne Nelson’s behavior.

In recent weeks, the Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has been heavily critical of Sarkodie. She admitted in her memoir that Sarkodie had gotten her pregnant years earlier and had persuaded her to get an abortion before abandoning her to her fate.

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Sarkodie recently responded with a song, but his reputation has suffered greatly.

All of this, according to the prophetess, is due to Sarkodie’s coworkers taking him to juju.

She continued by saying that the rapper needs fervent prayers because it is quite possible that his mother will pass away soon, which is reportedly also a component of the juju attack.

Sarkodie swiftly disregarded the warning the prophetess offered him in a direct message, so she is now publicly raising the alarm in an effort to get him the information.

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