Couple caught on tape enjoying themselves at the beach in broad-day


A popular video showing a horny boyfriend and girlfriend having sex in broad daylight at the beach has once again ignited social media.

The beach was the only site the unnamed lovers could think of that would be fitting for them to enjoy their amorous endeavours.

Since it first appeared online, the video has gotten varied reviews. The woman was seen in the video riding the man to her satisfaction while perched on top of him.

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Contrarily, the guy laid on the ground with his joystick upright, enjoying some passionate horse riding from the girlfriend as if nothing were at risk.

One cannot understand why such young people would let their dignity go to nothing by engaging in sexual activity in public, such as having sex on the beach.

In the past, having sex with a woman in public was even frowned upon in Africa. What do we observe today, though? The rich African culture has been ruined by social media.

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Watch the video below:

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