I’m not dead – Ajagurajah Lady who was reported dead speaks out

I'm not dead - Ajagurajah Lady who was reported dead speaks out

Gladys, the lady who was reported to be dead has spoken out stating that she is very much alive and kicking.

The lady became popular after she came out to speak that she had been raped by the leader of the Ajagurajah movement some month ago when she visited him for spiritual directions.

In an interview with the Oman Channel, a YouTube channel, she said that the prophet had asked her to give up a car that was worth GHC 8,000 when she first attended his congregation.

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She continued by claiming that the prophet pressured her into having sex with him after she rejected his claim that the spirit had foreordained him to take her as his bride.

After news of her death was reported on social media, she has come out to speak saying she is alive and not dead.

According to her Bishop Ajagurajah has no powers to kill her since what she said was the truth.

Watch the video below:


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