Dead body throws out driver from a hearse and drives off

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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The old people continue to say is full of surprise and wonders. Some incident and event happens and people are left in shock as to if truly those things happened. 

A dead body which was enroute to be buried refused to move as the hearse approached the funeral grounds.

According to the source, the dead person was to be buried in hi/her hometown by while driving there, the body throw the driver and the other people in the car out.

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In the video sighted on social media, the hearse could be seen moving on its own without no driver.

A man believed to be the driver was seen chasing after the car trying to close the doors which has been left opened and possibly stop the spirit of the man from causing more troubles.

Watch the video below:

Some people after watching the video revealed that this is just a common thing that happens to spice up the burial and not the dead body controlling the car.


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