Delay mocks Diamond Appiah after slamming her for dating her ‘son’ Amerado

Diamond Appiah, a failed businesswoman, attacked Delay after she insisted on minding her own business. Delay has now retaliated.

Diamond recently criticized Delay for dating rapper Amerado, who is young enough to be her son.

Sweet Diamond Appiah claimed that she has been pleading with Delay for years to show off her office but that Delay is unable to do so and is instead wasting her time dating kids.

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She referred to Delay as a “Nkwadaa Nkwadaa sugar mother” and said that she was a sugar daddy to children.

In response, Delay dropped her own video.

She feels that she has put too much strain on others who are unable to live without mentioning her.

To make her argument, Delay utilized the popular phrase “the pressure is growing worser.”

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She answered Diamond’s never-ending question while gently displaying an office in the backdrop.

Watch the video of Delay below:

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