Diana Asamoah attacks Nana Agradaa, wants her dead

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Gospel singer Diana Asamoah has started a beef with repented fetish priestess Nana Agradaa over some of her remarks she made after the death of Christian Atsu. 

Nana Agradaa was in the news few days after claiming that Christian Atsu died young as a result of getting powers from spiritualist to boast his career.

Following Agradaa’s comment which many people have termed as ‘stupid’, social media netizens decided to roast her with some calling her an attention seeker.

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Well, now is the turn of Evangelist Diana Asamoah who has taken Nana Agradaa to the cleaners over her insensitive preaching to her church members.

According to her, Why would Nana Agradaa now Evangelist Mama Pat would make such a statement when the nation and family is grieving.

She continued that she wished it was Nana Agradaa who would have died in place of footballer Christian Atsu because she is a known fraudster.

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“You were the idol worshipper. You noticed it didn’t work. You are the one with a fraudulent nature and the habit of stealing and swindling others. Can you say that the houses you built were from a good source? You built those houses with monies from defrauding and stealing from others. Keep quiet I don’t want to vent out, so shut up!

This young life has been cut short and we are all in pain. You are even the one supposed to die and not Atsu. It’s impossible to dictate to God because you were the one supposed to die because we benefit from Atsu’s existence. Prisoners, orphans, in fact, the entire country benefited from him. But as for you, you even have the tendency to swindle prisoners. You can even deceive kids and steal their fees.

You think because we are quiet, we are scared of you. If after all, you have done, God hasn’t killed you and you are still walking about freely, it’s because God does not want you to die from your sins. Repent and stop the habit of flaunting that church of yours. If truly you have accepted Christ, it should reflect in your lifestyle. If truly you have repented from idol worship and have transitioned into the Christian faith, live a holy life”.

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