Don’t call your husband baby – Pastor

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A pastor is trending on social media after stating that wives should start calling their husbands my lord instead of pet names such as baby and honey.

According to the preacher, calling your husband ‘Baby’ is unscriptural and must be stopped.

Moving on, he advised that the best name for men should be ‘My Lord’ just like how Sarah in the Bible described Abraham.

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He argued that calling the man ‘Lord’ gives him a sense of responsibility.

Apostle Emmanuel observed that when a wife refers to her husband as “baby,” he starts acting like one and starts avoiding his duties as the head of the household.

He said: “We live in a generation where I hear women call their husbands or their boyfriends, baby, honey, punking my love my heart beats all those things are not scriptural, they are demonic. Let me tell you something When you call your husband, baby. He behaves like a baby.

He doesn’t take responsibility because your prophecy is from your mouth. But when you call your husband or your man, Lord, Lord means responsibility. it means, you know I take responsibility of this environment I provide. The woman needs to be cared for.

All these baby honey, sweetheart, Those are the demonic words that make a lot of men to misbehave. I advise every woman Call your man, my lord, as the Scripture says and see.” He told women.

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Watch the video below:

Below are some of the popular comments gathered under the controversial video…

Am_kelvinossai – “We live in a Generation that is different from the generation of Sarah and Abraham. Then, they were trekking feom country to country…now we don’t. Then the women don’t work because their men provides ALL. also love langue have evolved ?? we like to be called babies”

Mzcheoun: “Sir, you didn’t add ‘Personal Lord and savior’ ‘Alpha and Omega’ ‘The Lion of the tribe of Judas’ since you want him to be competing with my God..”

Nengiskitchen: “It’s better to remain silent than to speak with very high demonstration of foolishness!!!!”

Thelaja: “Excuse me Apostle, is it that you just finished watching Game of Thrones or something? ?????? cos it will seem that you are really off your depth here..”

Munchyberry: “How about we discuss how to raise boys who will grow up to become responsible men? Please stop blaming the gross irresponsibility of some men on names they are called by woman. A man who doesn’t have sense doesn’t have sense, regardless of the “my lord” you label him!”

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