Don’t go after married men – Tracey Boakye

Tracey BoakyTracey Boakyee
Tracey Boakye

Actress and movie producer Tracey Boakye has advised young ladies not to go after married men or start a relationship with them because it isn’t a good thing to do. 

Already rumours in town has it that, Tracey Boakye aka East Legon landlady was able to acquire all her wealth by sleeping with married men who paid very well for her services.

As it stands now, it is alleged that the father of her daughter who is only known as ‘Papa No’ is a married man and a respected person in the country.

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But according to Tracey Boakye in a new audio available on social media, she warned that ladies who have the intention of dating married men should desist from it since its not a good thing.

She went further to explain that it is inappropriate for another lady to suffer to build a life with her man for another woman to come and snatch him.

She continued that “don’t follow any promiscuous married man, you might pay dearly for it.

Look for yours and work hard. If his belief is in support of polygamy, just like the Muslims, then you can be free to marry him”.

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Watch the video below:

Tracey was in the news few days ago after she revealed she made all her millions after investing with just Ghc300.

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