Never eat food prepared by your wife alone – Captain Smart

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Married men have been advised by Captain Smart not to consume meals made solely by their spouses.

He suggested that they always exercise prudence by letting other people eat the same food as them.

When a wife declines to eat with her husband, he claims that there should be legitimate suspicions of murder.

“Your wife wants to poison you to death if she refuses to eat with you” – Captain Smart

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The Onua TV host’s warning followed Achraf Hakimi’s shrewd choice to defraud his wife by putting all of his assets in his mother’s name.

Given that many women will do anything to get their hands on men’s property, Captain Smart thought men needed to be especially watchful of their companions.

“I agree totally with you. If men knew this from ancient times, we would be safe. There was a chief in Kumasi, his wife blended bottles and added them to a meal. The man died after eating that meal. The wife did that to him.

“If your wife ever serves you food and she refuses to eat that particular meal, don’t eat else you’ll die. We will register our properties in our grandmothers’ name, not our mother’s. Our mothers are close so they can be disturbed. My mother comes first before everything”, he said.

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