Every true Christian is allowed to booze – Maxwell Kofi Jumah

Kofi Jumar GIHOC boss with alcohol
Kofi Jumar

Maxwell Kofi Jumah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GIHOC Distilleries Limited, believes that anyone who does not drink alcohol is not a good Christian.

According to him, there is no Christian in the world who does not consume alcohol, citing biblical incidents as justification.

“Jesus offered alcohol to the disciples as a sign for remembering him during his last supper,” he remarked, citing biblical precedents. So why would a Christian claim that he or she does not consume alcohol?”

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Maxwell Kofi Jumah went on to say that people who pretend they don’t drink alcohol but drink wine are deceiving themselves.

Because wine is derived from fermented fruit juice and consequently contains some alcohol, he stated that there is nothing like non-alcoholic wine.

“There is nothing in this world called wine that is not alcoholic. When it’s not alcoholic we call it fruit juice. You people should explain things well to your listeners. Wine is a fruit that has fermented so tell them to stop the lies,” he said on Accra-based Okay FM.

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Watch the video below:

This is not the first time the CEO of Gihoc has made a controversial statement to Ghanaians and the world at large.

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