Family and friends spray dollars on Tracey Boakye at her marriage ceremony

Tracey Boakye dollars
Tracey Boakye dollars

At a vibrant wedding ceremony on Thursday, Tracey Boakye made a stunning bride as she made her way down the aisle with her beloved Frank Badu Ntiamoah.

The couple’s traditional wedding and their white wedding, both of which went by the hashtag #Francey22, were breathtakingly beautiful and glitzy.

One of the greatest bridesmaids supported Tracey, 31, who will now be referred to as Mrs. Badu Ntiamoah, and helped her become excited about the wedding.

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Video uploaded to the couple’s official Instagram page captured the bride-to-bridesmaids be’s dousing her with money.

Watch the video below:

A closer inspection reveals that Tracey was only covered in 100 dollar bills when she was being showered with cash from above.

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