Fella Makafui accused of saving Kudus pictures for juju

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According to a screenshot going viral on social media, married Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui has a thing going on for Blackstars footballer Mohammed Kudus.

The screenshot said that Fella Makafui had been saving images of the 22-year-old footballer on her phone because she was so fixated on him.

It continues to claim that the single mother intends to see a respected native physician to use a love potion to charm the footballer.

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Since we don’t have access to Fella Makafui’s phone, we are unable to validate the accusations made against her, so we encourage readers to view this screenshot with a degree of skepticism.

Viral reports, however, confirm that Fella Makafui and her spouse Medikal are experiencing marital issues that are endangering their marriage.

The pair is reportedly still at odds behind closed doors as a result of Medikal’s suspected adultery.

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According to Fella’s tweet on what men want in life, despite Medikal’s many qualities and perhaps even all the things she does for her spouse, she seems unsatisfied and constantly on the lookout for more.

In addition, the husband Medikal shared a Snapchat story criticizing wives for being arrogant in their relationships and asserting that wives should be polite, obedient, stress-free, and appreciative.

Many people think the actress is interested in other men, and it’s possible that the Kudus tale is accurate.

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Check out the screenshot below to learn more.


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