Fella Makafui exposed by netizens for flaunting a car which does not belong to her(Proofs attached)

Like I always say, social media is never for the weak, no matter eh you are, netizens will surely attack you for clout claims.

Few days ago, Fella Makafui posted photos of herself posing next to a brand-new Chevrolet Corvette to her social media accounts.

She was seated inside the “monster” vehicle in one of the shots as well. The caption she added to the pictures gave the impression that she had just recently brought the car to her garage.

Evidently, Fella Makafui is not the owner of the car of which she subtly boasted in her taunting caption.

Our research indicates that Kelly B, a businessman, is the owner of the car Fella displayed online.


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Kelly B is into auto rentals, and Fella rented the vehicle for a shoot so she could mock her co-workers online.

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