You are a fool if you say I don’t qualify to be President – Kumchacha

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Nicholas Osei, a commonly known as Prophet Kumchacha, a Ghanaian preacher, is upset that people are doubting his choice to run for president of the nation.

A few months ago, the founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministry proclaimed his intention to run for president.

He has been informed of the unpalatable fact that Ghanaians will not support him. Some detractors believe he is not even eligible to run for office.

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In a conversation with ZionFelix, Prophet Kumchacha scolded his detractors furiously.

He declared that anyone who argues that he is ineligible for the office of President is a fool.

The founder of the Kum People’s Party (KPP) claimed that anyone who would make such a claim lacked common sense.

They acquired their irrational attitudes from the patriarchs of their families, Kumchacha continued.

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He responded that Kennedy Agyapong should not run for office if he will support for someone who insults people since he does the same.

The outspoken Prophet made it clear that his detractors’ claims that he won’t win the upcoming election would not have angered him; rather, their claim that he is ineligible does.

Watch the full interview below.

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