Ghanaian based in the US petitions FBI and IRS to investigate Cecilia Dapaah over her monies

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An investigation into potential money-laundering schemes involving $1 million that domestic workers allegedly stole from Cecilia Dapaah’s private property has been requested by several US federal agencies in response to a complaint.

Grace Loki, the originator of the complaint, has questioned whether the Ghanaian government can conduct a fair investigation.

She expressed concerns about the government’s objectivity and contacted many US government organisations, including the DEA, Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and FBI, to guarantee an impartial investigation.

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The motivation behind Loki’s efforts is her belief that the Ghanaian government might not be able to achieve a just outcome, highlighting the requirement of a comprehensive IRS investigation and the payment of the requisite taxes if Dapaah owns property in the US.

More outrage is sparked by allegations that a couple of Dapaah’s domestic helpers stole US$1 million, €300,000, and GH350,000.

The former minister and her spouse have also disclosed significant material losses, including those involving clothing, purses, fragrances, jewellery, and a range of fabrics.

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