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Guy walks from East Legon to Dzorwulu after his leg girlfriend broke up with him

Guy walks from East Legon to Dzorwulu after his leg girlfriend broke up with him

A young man’s broken heart has prompted him to cry his way from East Legon to Dzowulu.

After his lover crushed his heart, a young man walked from East Legon to Dzowulu in tears.


A young Ghanaian man has released footage of his girlfriend, who he has been spending time with, dumped him and mistreated him.

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After sharing his suffering on the Jodel app, his life was turned around when a Yahoo contract came through for him.

With his inheritance, he moved from his mother’s home to his own and began to live lavishly.


He made sure his sweetheart, a Legon student, had the greatest life possible by lavishing her with expensive presents and vacations to Dubai.

What irritates him the most, according to the guy, is that his sister requested him to sponsor her for a trip to Canada, but his girlfriend told him to wait since she, too, wants to travel.


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In the end, he spent $5,000 on a trip to Dubai with his fiancée and sister.


She found a diamond necklace in Dubai and sent him a photo, expressing her desire for one, and the boy, in the name of love, paid her 3,000 to purchase it.

Fast forward a few years, and the lad is having financial difficulties, and the girl’s attitude toward him has shifted.


The boy went to see her in Adjiriganor, East Legon, a property he rented for her yesterday after church, but she wasn’t there with all her phones switched off.

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After waiting from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., a man dropped off the girl from a car.

The man inquired as to why she remained outside for so long and why her phones were switched off.


These innocuous questions prompted the female to scream at him and return to the other guy’s vehicle.

After waiting 30 minutes for the girl to exit the automobile, the boy in love stood there and yelled at him to return to his house.


That’s when the guy’s reality hit him as he cried his way from East Legon to Dzowulu on the N1 route.

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In a video he released, he can be seen screaming in pain while walking.


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