Guys who rise with juju die drastically – Nana Agraada

Nana Agradaa and Christian Atsu
Nana Agradaa and Christian Atsu

Evangelist Mama Pat formerly known as Nana Agraada has joined her voice to the death of footballer Christian Atsu. 

The football world is mourning the death of the former player who lost his life in the earthquake that happened in Turkey some 2 weeks ago.

After discussing Christian Atsu’s saga in church, evangelist Mama Pat acted insensitively.

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The so-called born-again person Christian advised young men who are pursuing fame and wealth to look to Christian Atsu’s story for guidance.

Agradaa claimed that young men turn to juju rituals out of a need for fame and money.

Such people, in Agradaa’s opinion, do not survive catastrophes when others are protected by God.

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Christian Atsu wouldn’t have perished in the accident, Agradaa declared forcefully, if he had God on his side. As a result, she is not scared to speak this.

Watch the video below:

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