Hajia Bintu now sells charms to attract sugar daddies and snatch husbands


Hajia Bintu, a popular TikTok user from Ghana, is instructing women who are interested in learning how to snatch men from their partners.

She said that women might use a variety of medications to constrict their intimate areas and bind men.

She continued by saying that the drugs are effective at luring and keeping guys. Hajia Bintu advised women to utilize it skillfully to seize and claim the husbands and boyfriends of others.

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One of the medications, which needs to be placed around the abdomen, was characterised by her as “fuk and stay.” She continued by saying that any time a man engages in sexual activity with a woman who uses it, he will remain.

She also introduced the medication “Attraction to Males.” She claimed that when it is placed to the forehead, every lady transforms into a force to be reckoned with and receives anything she desires.

Moreover, Hajia Bintu introduced the items “Love and Stay” and “Do As I Say,” which women can use to influence men and obtain anything they desire from them.

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Watch the video below:

This video has angered many who believe Hajia Bintu is negatively influencing the young girls who might be following her.

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