Hajia4Real denied bail in the US after failing to meet the requirement

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Ghanaian socialite Mona Faiz Montrage, popularly known as Hajia4Real, has had her request for bail denied by the US Department of Justice.

The agency indicated that she had not met the requirements for her bail request.

Recall how Hajia4Real vowed to visit Ghana soon in a recent Instagram Live update to her fans and followers? Well, she recently received some depressing news.

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According to court documents provided by US Attorney Damian Williams from the Southern District of New York, the socialite did not meet the US requirements for bond, according to media journalist Kofi Adoma.

In order to return to New York and be put under house arrest with some freedom to roam the neighbourhood, Hajia 4Reall had urged the court to relax the conditions of her release on bail.

The judge did make it clear that decreasing her bond would only be considered if she had relatives living in the nation.

The judge further emphasised the weight of the evidence against Hajia4Real and expressed concern that, if she were released on bond, she might leave, in violation of US Justice system section 3142-G.

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Damian Williams, the defence attorney, emphasised that based on the information gathered, particularly about her alleged involvement in a $2 million love swindle, a prison sentence of four to seven years might be issued.

These latest events have made the situation of Hajia4Real much more insecure.

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