Hajia4Real shares stunning pictures from USA

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While she waits for the outcome of her fraud case, Hajia4Real is lazing around in the United States of America.

‘Stubborn’ Hajia persists in trying to portray a big girl lifestyle while encountering certain difficulties because of her use of social media while her case is in court.

She might be seen out and about in a new photo looking glamorous. Hajia took a selfie and wrote, “Skin is glowing,”.

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Check out the photo below:

Social media users were taken aback by Hajia’s ongoing efforts to demonstrate that she is having good time despite serving jail sentence when they saw the post.

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For her involvement in a fraud ring that defrauded senior citizens in America, Hajia is accused of many charges of fraud and money laundering.

She is accused of aiding her co-conspirators in extorting money from these elderly guys by appearing to be in a relationship with them.

During a visit to the UK, Hajia was detained and then extradited to the US.

While her case is being heard in court, she is now free on bail.

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