How Odartey Lamptey met his ex-wife and ‘nightmare’ Gloria Appiah

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Nii Odartey Lamptey met Gloria Appiah, a gorgeous lady at his team’s European training camp some 28 years ago at the prime of his footballing career.

Gloria Appiah, like many other fans, had come to observe the team’s training session when the two met by chance and Odartey Lamptey fell in love!

Following that meeting, the two began seeing each other often, and Gloria became pregnant.

The year was early January 1994, and the two were married in a lavish ceremony in Accra on the 28th of May 1994, despite Odartey Lamptey’s mother’s constant warnings and objections to the union.

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Odartey Lamptey intended to marry Gloria before the pregnancy was confirmed, although his mother had been opposed to his relationship with Gloria Appiah from the moment he introduced her to the family. Odartey Lamptey himself confirmed this in a previous interview.

Odartey Lamptey stated he didn’t want to have a first kid out of wedlock after the pregnancy, which proved out not to be his, and he married Gloria Appiah despite his mother’s opposition and recommendation not to.

His mother was opposed to the marriage because of how he met Gloria, how quickly she became pregnant, and “her own instincts as a mother who carried Nii for more than 9 months,” according to a family source.

He played as a striker for Anderlecht, Aston Villa, PSV Eindhoven, Coventry City, and the Ghana Black Stars between 1990 and 2008, with Gloria by his side for the better part of 15 years until a DNA test revealed that all three children they had were not his.

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Latifah, Kadijah, and Moesha Odartey Lamptey (now adults) were discovered not to be his offspring.

Odartey Lamptey said he regrets not listening to his mother when she warned him about the lady he was dating over and over again.


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