How to easily bypass Government’s E-levy

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The E-levy has been a subject of debate since it was first brought to Parliament for it to be passed into a bill before it finally starts working. 

Hanan-Confidence Abdul, a Ghanaian nurse and social media influencer, has disclosed on his social media page how Ghanaians can avoid paying the electronic levy and escape the government’s daylight robbery of vulnerable Ghanaians.

The disputed E-levy was enacted by Parliament on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, and signed by Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo Addo, a few hours later.

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In light of the sensitivity of the subject, which has dominated mainstream and social media, Hanan-Confidence Abdul, a vocal critic of the existing government, has proposed a solution.

In a Facebook post, he posted;


How to protect your money from wicked #MoMoTax and MoMo charges.

1. If you send GHC 600 to your mother’s MoMo number, you will be charged 1% ie GHC 6 by MTN then charged 1.5% ie GHC 7.50 by government. Then when she withdraws, she will be charged GHC 6. So on one transaction of 600, total deductions will be GHC13.50.

2. Do this instead. Let her go to a MoMo vendor and mention your number to the vendor. Allow Cash Out wherever you are and give your ID number. The vendor initiates withdrawal and it comes to you for approval wherever you are. You approve. Your mother receives cash. This way you avoid MTN charges on transfer and you avoid the wicked #MoMoTax

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3. You only pay GHC 6 on GH 600 instead of 13.50 cedis.

4. We owe a duty to ourselves to make sure these wicked charges don’t finish us. It is part of the resistance.

5. What other innovative ways should we adopt? We the people are on our own. Drop your strategy and let’s kill this banza tax.

See screenshot of her post below:

E-levy post


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