My husband disappeared few minutes after cutting our wedding cake – Lady reveals

Hope Susan, a Kenyan woman, has described how her husband vanished on the day of their wedding.

The woman eloquently described to Afrimax how she met her ex-husband and how things quickly went from there in a very unpleasant way.

Hope told how she and her friends were planning a trip when they met their partner in their second year of college.

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The then-bride continued her depressing tale by describing how her ex-husband, who had since taken the form of an angel, offered to cover the cost of her participation in the trip because she was poor and had no money in her checking or savings account.

He then developed feelings for her after she refused to give him her phone number, which led to him picking up interest in her.

She eventually caved in to him, and they started preparing for the wedding.

Hope admitted that she didn’t really make an attempt to get to know him well because she was juggling studies and wedding planning.

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The woman recalled having a dream in which she was wearing a black gown after praying for her wedding. The wedding nonetheless went on as planned.

Hope described a number of incidents that led her to the conclusion that their wedding was an accident waiting to happen.

One was after they cut the cake at the wedding celebration when the groom abruptly vanished.

Hope said he had no arrangements for their honeymoon when he finally reappeared.
She claimed that he took her to his mother’s house instead, where they started living together.

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She would then discover that he was not just dishonest but also dishonest. She described a specific instance when she learned of his misadventures.

She said, “I remember he had told me he had gone to another country. I met him crossing the road with a woman. You know, they were going where they had parked the car and he had lied to me that he left the car in the airport and gone to another country.”

“And he was calling me, you know with WhatsApp, telling me he is not in the country and telling me how it is and how they have arrived.”

Hope claimed that she had consistently excused his misbehaviour up to the final straw, when she was set up by her lover and his side chick and jailed.

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Watch the video below:

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