Husband killed by his second wife after he caught her cheating


Reports coming from Nigeria Edo State to be precise has it that a woman has stabbed her husband to death after he caught her sleeping with another man on their matrimonial bed.

According to the information gathered, the deceased chanced upon his wife enjoying herself in bed with another man after monitoring her activities for sometime.

It continued this begun after some friends and families of the husband had informed him that his second wife has brought home another man.

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So these rumours got the man to set his wife up to confirm the rumours for himself.

The husband identified as Dagana lied to his second wife that he would be visiting his first wife who lives in another state.

After that was said, he left the house only for his second wife to bring home another man in his absence.

The source claimed that after the man returned from hiding spot to catch his wife in the act, it turned into an argument and the wife ended up stabbing her husband in the chest leading to his death instantly.

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She later opened the window for her partner to go, and then she started shouting “thief, thief” to the neighbours.

They arrested her before she could play the victim. She’s currently in the grips of the police waiting for a court trial.

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