Husband of Mercy Asiedu threatens to sue Kwame Borga


Famous Ghanaian actress Mercy Asiedu‘s husband has responded fiercely to the accusations Kumawood star Kwame Borga has made against his wife.

According to reports, the actor, who is notorious for his numerous provocative statements, claimed that Mercy Asiedu, one of the most renowned and prominent actresses in Kumawood, has been supposedly offering younger females to wealthy men in exchange for money.

In an interview with Dave Hammer on Hello FM, Nana Agyemang Badu Duah I, the Chief of Kunsu, expressed anger about this statement and said he was ready to contact his attorneys until he saw it on Kwame Borga’s Facebook wall.

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Agyemang Nana Pooru Duah I questioned why Kwame Borga would say such things knowing full well that he had no supporting evidence.

The proprietor of Mesduah Productions urged that Kwame Borga delete the items he had already destroyed before incurring his anger and advised him to proceed with extreme caution.

Listen to Nana Agyeman Duah speak below…

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