I did all sort of jobs including pick-pocketing – Nhyiraba Kojo reveals

Before making a breakthrough, Nhyiraba Kojo described some of the toughest duties he had to perform while growing up.

He admitted in an interview with blogger Sammy Kay that he used to pickpocket, carry trash, and sleep at a friend’s place at Kaneshie in exchange for money.

“I recall sleeping on the streets of Kaneshie with Castro; we became into Kayayes, worked as bus drivers, hauled trash from people’s houses, and even turned into pickpockets. I have previously said all of these things. I must show people my blessings if God has blessed me,” he stated.

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He said that, having overcome adversity and achieved success in life, he had no intention of hiding his blessings.

Nhyiraba Kojo claims that by telling his tale, those who work in similar positions to his can be inspired to know that things can improve so they won’t give up.

“In Africa, we think of it as a show-off. No, it’s not trying to brag. I’m doing this so that the Kayaye person on the street who is removing trash from people’s homes may say, “Okay, he’s just like me, so tomorrow I’ll be there, too.”

What happens if we don’t inspire ourselves for others? You ask me to perform things in tiny increments or to get others to notice something that is irrelevant because God did not build the universe to be so small. No, we must do it so that others would be inspired, Nhyiraba Kojo continued.

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