I started teaching my children about sex when they were 8 years – Stephanie Benson

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Stephanie Benson, a Ghanaian singer and fitness coach, has stated that she began teaching her children about intimacy with the opposite gender when they were as young as eight years old.

Enlightening her children on intimacy at a young age, according to the mother of five from the United Kingdom, made it simpler for them to open up and approach her for help when they were ready to use their private parts.

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She said this during an interview; ” My first daughter came to me when she was ready to have lovemaking. She came to ask about contraceptives and how they should be taken. My second daughter waited till the age of 26 before making love. I love my kids, and we don’t hide anything from each other…..it has strengthened our relationship and opened doors for them to discuss whatever they are facing with me. “

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