I used to collapse at Kuami Eugene’s house – Ex-house help reveals

I used to collapse at Kuami Eugene's house - Ex-house help reveals

Mary, the former housekeeper for Kuami Eugene, has revealed another development in her “ranting spree” that stems from her disagreement with her former employer.

Mary has related incidents in which, for unknown reasons, she passed out while residing in the highlife musician’s home.

She claimed in her most recent interview with Der Madking TV that she told Eugene about her health before one of the incidents, but he just gave money to buy medications and neglected to seek appropriate medical attention.

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Mary claimed that Eugene, who was out of the country at the time, sent her money for nothing more than some vitamins and blood tonic, which was insufficient to turn the situation around.

She recalled that things got worse at night, so she went to one of her neighbours for assistance. After that, she was sent to the hospital right away.

“I had issues as a result of not eating adequately. Food was available, but not usually. Occasionally, the dish is consumed.

There could be rice, but there’s nothing to cook it with. And he leaves when things like that happen, telling me he would return shortly but never showing up early when I ask him for money.

I would have to starve till he returns if I didn’t have any money to buy food.

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About four times, both inside and outside the house, I have passed out. He took a trip outside the nation in one of the cases, and I told him about it. However, he told me to get drugs and sent me money.

He suggested that I buy medications instead when I informed him I wanted to go to the hospital. My health worsened at night, so I called one of our neighbours to complain about my predicament. I also got some blood tonic and vitamin C.

Right now, my teeth were even clenching, my palm was turning white, and my heart was palpitating. I kept saying his name at the hospital when I started to feel better. “I refuse to remain here and tell lies,” she said.

Speaking about the many critiques she has since received for voicing her opinions, Mary stated that all of her assertions are accurate.

“God is watching us. God knows I am not telling lies,” She insisted.

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