I want to ask God why he created Satan – Bullgod

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Lawrence Asiamah Hanson, better known by his stage name Bullgod, is a has said that, should he ever meet God in person, he has a question for Him.

Bullgod claims that he does not comprehend why God, who is a “all-knowing” ultimate being, decided to create Satan while knowing exactly how he would destroy the world.

Bullgod stated during a discussion on the United Showbiz moderated by MzGee that the devil shouldn’t have been made if God knew he will one day endanger the earth.

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Even though Perez Music and Kumchacha tried to explain things to him, several of the panelists, Bullgod still did not accept their justifications.

Bullgod’s perplexity was addressed by one of the special guest panelists, Kumchacha, who asserted that God’s judgments are unquestionable.

Bullgod, who was adamant about his position, exclaimed “I always say that, if ever there is any hell waiting for us, when I die one day and I meet God, I’ll ask him a particular question and he cannot answer it.”

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