I will never advise my daughter to marry a pastor – Counselor Charlotte Oduro

Counselor Charlotte Oduro, on a radio show clearly stated that she’ll will wait until God commands it before pressuring her daughter to wed a pastor.

If that is God’s will, then so be it, the cantankerous counselor and lady of God retorted. I won’t physically compel her to do anything.

Pastor Oduro stated that if her daughter is capable of handling it, she may explain to her what it means to marry a pastor.

She asserted that some men of God ignore their families in order to please churchgoers.

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Some pastors take better care of their flock than their own families. They particularly do this with wealthy individuals. He pays attention to what they have to say.

He devotes all of his time to the group members, without even making time for his wife. Because of some members they are connected to, some spouses can abuse their partners.

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Nhyiraba Asirigi and Counselor Charlotte Oduro were having a conversation on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM’s weekend morning show.

She believes that although marriage to a pastor is challenging, one may survive with the help of God and prayer.

“Some pastors have neglected their families and believe the church is their family. A godly man whose family is safe would see his church flourish. If your wife, children, and home are content with you, the church will thrive.”

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