I’ll host a concert at the O2 Arena when the time is right – Sarkodie


For people that pressure Ghanaian performers to have their events at the O2 Arena, Sarkodie has a message.

After successfully hosting their gigs at the O2 Arena, Ghanaian artists have been compared to their Nigerian contemporaries by music fans and industry insiders for some time.

The well-known Ghanaian rapper said he is unmoved by the pressure others place on him when asked about this in an interview with 4Styte TV.

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According to Obidi, he goes at his own pace.

The head of Sarkcess Music said he doesn’t give up to pressure.

When the moment is right, Sarkodie added, he will hold his concert at the O2 Arena.

The “No Fugazy” rapper claimed that he only completed his gigs in the UK and the United States when he felt the time was appropriate.

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Sarkodie emphasized that he has never taken action as a result of peer or fan pressure.

Timing is everything, he continued, when you have the skills.

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