I’m in love Kofi Adjorlolo – Shatta Wale’s mother confirms

Shatta Wale-Mother and Kofi Adjorlolo love life
Shatta Wale-Mother and Kofi Adjorlolo

Recently, rumors regarding the talented actor Kofi Adjorlolo and the mother of the artist Shatta Wale jeering up to many any second were common.

The reports have been confirmed by Shatta Wale’s mother, Madam Elsie Avemegah, also known as Shatta Mama.

In an interview with Peace FM, Reagan Mends, who is reportedly Shatta Mama’s publicist, said that Shatta Wale’s mother had confirmed the information to him, according to a report seen on HotFM.

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He continued by stating that Shatta Mama had informed him that nobody, not even the contentious artist Shatta Wale, could stop the couple from getting married.

‘Yes, ever since the news went viral, people are asking whether Shatta Wale would allow the mother to marry Kofi Adjorlolo..Well, I spoke to her(Shatta Mama) this morning, and she told me that no one can prevent her from marrying anyone of her choice,’ he said.

According to Reagan Mends, Shatta Mama also told him during their private chat: ‘Why would Shatta Wale dictate to her on whom to marry? He can’t prevent her from Marrying Adjorlolo because he(Shatta Wale) doesn’t take care of her,  he doesn’t even know where she lives so why would he even intrude in her affairs?‘

Currently, it is known that Kofi Adjorlolo has two children from a previous marriage to the late Charity Nyarko, while Shatta Mama also has three children, one of them is the leader of the Shatta Movement.

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